Exclusive Evening Photoshow

An exclusive and very special feature for your wedding!  

Since introducing our evening photoshows over ten years ago we have found them to be one of the key features of our wedding photography packages. Many couples have booked our services simply because they have seen and fallen in love with our shows at weddings they have attended! 

How does it work?

Well, during your wedding breakfast we will take about two hours to pull together a very individual five minute photoshow of around 80 carefully edited photos from your day – from your preparations through to the sit-down for the wedding breakfast. We set the show to some contemporary music – and we even supply our own sound system!  Just before your first dance, we will put up our large screen and digital projector so it can be seen by as many guests as possible. The lights dim – and the photoshow starts!

So why have a photoshow?

You probably have a number of extra guests in the evening who have not been there during the day – so the show is a great way of bringing them into your big day.

We will have taken some photos (in fact a lot) that your day guests will not have seen

It’s a great warm up for your first dance – and gets the evening off to a flying start

And most of all – it’s for YOU! – What a better way to start your evening celebrations than by looking back through a few of the photos and memories from one of the biggest days of your life

And (with your permission) we put it on YouTube for you, your family and your friends to see time and time again.

Can you have a copy?

 Yes you can! – We just charge a nominal £25 to cover a copyright licence for the music and our costs.

What do the bride and groom or venue have to do? 

Very little indeed! All that we require is somewhere to prepare the show – a process that takes about two hours. A table, two chairs and a power point are all that we require – we supply everything else. And we do appreciate a little food being supplied during the wedding breakfast!  All our equipment is PAT tested.

Can we see some sample shows? 

Yes you can! After the wedding (and with your permission) we put almost all the shows on to our own YouTube page where they can be seen time and time again by you and your guests. Simply follow the link above to see sample shows from previous weddings.  

The small print 

OK – its the same size as the rest of the text, however we do need to point out that our photoshow does take some time to prepare, so it is not available for all weddings due to timing constraints. As a rough guide, wedding services held after 2pm (church) or 3pm (civil) will mean the timing of your day is probably too tight for us to put this show together in time. However please call us to discuss, as we are always willing do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Click here to go to our You Tube page to see photoshows from recent weddings25

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